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Our AlertCertified® Basic Workplace & Emergency Preparedness (BWEP) certification program covers important topics that every workplace should cover.  Our unique certification program makes training, maintaining and ensuring workplace preparedness easy.  Our program includes a free workplace safety assessment, cutting-edge evidence-based information and hands-on practice and training.



Program Benefits

- Helps meet OSHA general workplace emergency action plan requirements

- Documents and maintains OHSA-compliant training/certification records

- Informed and prepared staff with possible life-saving training

- Increase your organization's reputation for safety

- 1-day or less full program training

- Reduce workplace injuries and loss of life

- Reduce exposure to safety negligence liability

- Reduce property damage and insurance claims



Some of the topics/activities covered in our BWEP course are:


Designating Lead Safety Staff

Developing/Maintaining an Emergency Response Plan

Developing/Maintaining a Building Evacuation Plan

Developing/Maintaining a Medical Emergency Response Plan

Developing/Maintaining an Emergency Shelter-in Plan

Developing/Maintaining a Continuity of Operation Plan

Fire Safety Training

Medical Emergency Safety Training

Preparedness for Earthquakes

Preparedness for Floods

Preparedness for Tornado/Hurricane

Preparedness for a Tsunami

Preparedness for Terrorism/Public Disturbances/Workplace Violence

Preparedness for Explosions

Preparedness for Bomb Threats

Preparedness for Civil Disturbances

Preparedness for Biological, Nuclear, or Radiation Attacks

Preparedness for Power Failures/Black Outs

Building Evacuation Drills

Medical Emergency Drills

Shelter-in Drills


To have your organization become  AlertCertified® click here for a free safety assessment.


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